For all Antares branded saddles (Antares, Spooner, Signature, Skylla, Altair), saddles are guaranteed for the remainder of the original manufacturer’s warranty, which initially comprised of a 5 year warranty on the tree, and a 2 year warranty on the leather.

Damage caused to the saddles from non-normal use or accidents, are not covered under the warranty.
The term “accidents” includes, but is not limited to: horses or other heavy objects crushing the saddle; horse falls, cuts or scrapes in leather from sharp objects or animals; deterioration of the leather due to mold or weather damage.

We reserve the right to inspect saddles and accessories to make the final determination regarding the application of warranties.

All Antares branded saddles, sold on, that are no longer covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty will qualify for a 15% discount on all repairs required within 6 months of the purchase.

Non-Antares branded saddles are not guaranteed by or Antares. We recommend contacting the saddle company directly for information on the repair process.