is owned and operated by Antares Sellier USA, distributor of Antarès Sellier France and is the purveyor of fine, high performance French used saddles, including brands such as: Antarès, Devoucoux, Butet, Delgrange, Childeric, and CWD.

A sound investment over lower quality new saddles, high-end pre-owned saddles retain their value for years to come. We know the history of each of our saddles, so our expert Saddle Fitters can help you select the best option for you and your horse, thus providing you with the same level of customer service as for our custom-made brand, Antarès Sellier.

All saddles listed on are trade-in saddles from customers who have purchased new custom Antarès saddles or they are “demo” saddles used by Antarès sales representatives. We do not accept saddles on consignment or purchase used saddles for resale.

Backed by decades of experience and innovation, Antarès Sellier France specializes in custom made saddles and fine equipment for horse and rider. Our saddles and tack are handmade to order at our workshop in Saintes, France; each saddle designed to each client’s specific needs.

Sellerie de France, LTD is the exclusive distribution company for the Antarès brand of custom made saddles, accessories, and riding helmets. The headquarters is located in Sainte, France with the US office in Purcellville, Virginia. Please refer to this map to find a representative in your area or call 1-800-250-9284.